AIMK Zoooooooming Ahead>>>

This goes out to all my fellow AIMKians. The time when I joined the college in the MBA-9 Batch, the college didn’t have too much of a respectable image among great names like IIMC, XIMB and IISWBM. Then, with the help of many of our seniors, we did a lot of changes. We carried out State-wide events, participated in All-India level Management contests, won prizes in almost all the activities in which we participated.

Those 2 years were the time when we genuinely wanted our college to come to the forefront in line with great institutes like IIM Calcutta, XIM Bhubaneshwar and IISWBM. In other words, we just wanted to make a mark in the Eastern India, if not on the whole India. Thanks to our Students’ Council members who had made a mountain look like a pebble. And, the results are quite handsome.

Perhaps none of us had expected such a result in just 2 years of handwork. Kudos to the present batches.

Today, we rank ahead of most of the colleges in Eastern India. Below is an analysis of a recently concluded survey by PTI:

  • In terms of Living experience of the students: In this section, AIMK ranks 17th in the All India level, and is behind only IIMC (Rank: 2nd) in Eastern India. XIMB ranks 26th, IISWBM ranks 57th , and ICFAI Kolkata ranks 71st.

  • In terms of Learning experience of the students: In this section, AIMK ranks 55th in the All India level. The other colleges in Eastern India rank as follows: ICFAI Kolkata ranks 28th, IIMC ranks 29th and IISWBM ranks 54th.

  • In terms of Placement experience: Here, AIMK ranks 64th in the All-India level, and is behind IIMC (1st), and IISWBM (24th); but still beating ICFAI Kolkata, which is at 66th.

  • In terms of Return-On-Investment: AIMK ranks 45th in the Top 100 B-Schools in India. In this section, IIMC ranks 20th, IISWBM ranks 54th , and ICFAI Kolkata, a distant 77th.

  • Overall Rankings: And here comes the ultimate rankings for the year 2008. AIMK ranks 44th in the Top 100. Some of the other colleges in the Eastern Region in the Top 100 are: IIMC (2nd), XIM Bhubaneshwar (14th), and IISWBM (34th).

But, don’t lose heart, guys. At least, we have entered the Top 100 in this survey, and even the Top 50, Top 20 and even Top 15 in certain other surveys. Other colleges in Eastern Region have jumped ahead of AIMK only due to their high number of Foreign Placements. Now, it is the right time to tell the world: “Get out of the way – We are here to stay“. HOWZ THE JOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am an Engineer and a Management Graduate. I love writing poetry and research reports on cars. Surfing, listening to music, and Reading and writing Technical & Research papers are among my most savored hobbies.
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