She is the prison where I am Free…

A withered flower I did once touch
Afraid to feel one yet again
Like a slain gladiator, my heart yet mourns
Afraid 2 welcome spring again

Eyes yet longing 2 see d red sun
Omnipotent I wish 2 be
The heart of dat girl I wish 2 touch
In her mind I wish 2 be

Like water, so pure, quenches all thirsts
Help me this time; this soul is all lost
To step onto those steps or another heart
By my life this time I wud pay the cost

The rich beggar is more happy
I’m yet poor nd poorer do I get
No gem I saw ever so bright
Onto her trust I wish 2 pet

Till ages 2 come I know not what I’ll be
Till ages b4 I know not what I was
From shadows and dust I searched 4 a light
In love so true I hope lies the cause

Like the tailor, I weave a web of lines
But is it enough to get 2 her shrine
She is all above, with her lotus feet
To touch them, I commit the crime

Falling in a bottomless pit was better
Than wen I fell for her
Even Caesar never had d fall
That one falls wen he is in love

Drunken, I now roam about
Questioning the existence of “bond”
The things I feel & wish to be mutual
The world asks me 2 hold on

Onto those black whips I’m still amazed
Those eyes that look straight into me
Blinding the path are these dull lights
She is the prison where I am free…


About theultimaterenaissance

I am an Engineer and a Management Graduate. I love writing poetry and research reports on cars. Surfing, listening to music, and Reading and writing Technical & Research papers are among my most savored hobbies.
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One Response to She is the prison where I am Free…

  1. whilyn says:

    Now that’s a love poem!

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