Air Pollution

Today, we have many definitions and attributes of air pollution. But what is the real fact? Let’s look into this more closely!

Air pollution is a broad term applied to any chemical, physical (particulate matter), or biological agent that modifies the natural characteristics of the atmosphere.

The atmosphere is a complex, dynamic natural gaseous system that is essential to support life on planet earth.

Stratospheric ozone depletion due to air pollution has long been recognized as a threat to human health as well as to the earth’s ecosystems. Worldwide air pollution is responsible for large numbers of deaths and cases of respiratory disease. Enforced air quality standards, like the Clean Air Act in the United States, have reduced the presence of some pollutants. While major stationary sources are often identified with air pollution, the greatest source of emissions are actually mobile sources, principally the automobile. There are many available air pollution control technologies and urban planning strategies available to reduce air pollution; however, worldwide costs of addressing the issue are high.

The most immediate method of improving air quality would be the use of bioethanol fuel, biodiesel, solar energy, and hybrid vehicle technologies. The World Health Organization estimates that 4.6 million people die each year from causes directly attributable to air pollution. Many of these mortalities are attributable to indoor air pollution. Worldwide more deaths per year are linked to air pollution than to automobile accidents. A Research report published in 2005 suggests that 310,000 Europeans die from air pollution annually. Direct causes of air pollution related deaths include aggravated asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, lung and heart diseases, and respiratory allergies..


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  1. Srijandeep says:

    Good job!

  2. marry says:

    Air pollution has really become a trouble for the whole world. The above article is really very nice.

  3. marry says:

    Air pollution has really become a trouble for the whole world. The above article is really very nice. The above article tell the methods by which we can improve the air quality.

  4. Jupi says:

    thaQ u!!! very mich!!…this was jst wat I needed 4 ma Project!!!!

  5. I had actually performed this research to help my li’l bro for his project work. Glad that it helped you.

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    the information is nice,useful and interesting

  10. Glad that you found it good. Thanks.

  11. M.A.M Group says:

    Air pollution is one of the most problem in the whole world.
    It causes some various diseases. Then, this pollution affects our ozone layer so lets help everyone to protect our atmosphere.Lets have unity through progress…………..

    From: A.V.R.N.H.S students

    Miriam C. Basilio
    Mariefaye O. Soberano
    Abigail Elsie P. Ubanos

  12. Tommy Green says:


    Because Climate Change is a Type of Air Pollution. When people think of air pollution, they most often associate it with the sort of dirty discharge that can be readily seen coming from the smokestacks of coal-fired plants or even the particulate matter that is emitted from automotive tailpipes. However, the most common and potentially dangerous gases that threaten life on Earth are actually greenhouse gases.

    Carbon dioxide and methane, together, account for about 30% of the “greenhouse effect” that, at levels that had been steady since the end of the last ice age, keeps the Earth at the relatively comfortable temperatures that more life enjoys. However, while the levels of water vapor (which actually account for most of the greenhouse effect) have remained relatively stable, the amount of carbon dioxide and methane in the atmosphere has sky-rocketed, due largely to the burning of fossil fuels and the massive increase in the number of ruminant animals used for meat production.

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    – Suman Das

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    all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. elena says:

    I think air pollution is very harmful because I am learning about it in class so we should get rid of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. tyra says:

    pollution is a harmful waste products, chemicals, and substances in the environment

  24. Pankaj Srivastava says:

    its earth future if dont control air pollution

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