Porsche Cayman S : Unleashed

Porsche Cayman S is perhaps the best sports car from the Porsche factory. It can be driven perfectly and hard all day. Built like a track star fully doped, it does not make you nervous at any moment. Frankly, it is sexier than any other sexy thing on sale today and standing on four wheels. Only the Ferrari 430 Scuderia is dead even with the Cayman S’ combination of mid-engine virtues, albeit in a thoroughly obnoxious nose-bleeding section of the market. A look at the sales figures worldwide for the Cayman line would honestly lead you to pronounce my sense of judgment way off. In the US alone through November Y-on-Y, in 2007 the Cayman sold 2431 units and the Cayman S 3042.

But the Porsche has poorly positioned the Cayman image from the beginning, all too willing to practically agree with the cynics who label the Cayman “a Boxster with a roof”. The Cayman is just a brilliant idea that needed more urging from the company and an image all its own, one key change being to officially declare the Cayman the 4th model line instead of unceremoniously lumping it in with Boxster. The standard 18-inch Cayman S II wheel design is altered and there are still four different 19-inch wheel looks available as an option, the black treatment being particularly hot. The US also now gets a wider range of colors to help you personalize your car more than before.

Whether cruising the Spanish autovia or ripping up the very challenging two-lanes, the bucket seats of Cayman are bomb and are not as utterly compromising as the angst-ridden units saved for the GT3s and GT2s of the world. The newly-crafted 3-spoke steering wheel specifically for the 7-speed PDK dual clutch transmission is a predictably solid anchor for the hands and the road-to-driver interface. Issues that inherently make the Cayman S an easier to handle proposition versus the 911 include first the 46/54 percent fore/aft weight distribution against the general neighborhood of 38/62.

You feel such a part of the powertrain that whatever your inner ear is telling you ought to happen over any section of road, actually, does always happen. There is a magnitude less uncertainty in these circumstances and thus just plain more fun. Porsche is currently married to Michelin for tires, and this set of more Earth-friendly 19-inch Pilot Sport treads has been specially created to offer lower rolling resistance and greater grip at lower rear 911air pressure. In addition, there has been a pinch of float calibrated in the steering wheel on the center and most cruising or sweeping around wise curves.

General Specifications:

Engine: Flat-6, 3.4l, 24v

Output: 315 hp/273lb-ft

0-60mph: 4.8 sec

Top Speed: 171 mph

Weight: 3021 lbs

Price: $95,000

Are you ready for the stunner?


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I am an Engineer and a Management Graduate. I love writing poetry and research reports on cars. Surfing, listening to music, and Reading and writing Technical & Research papers are among my most savored hobbies.
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