Extreme Bentley, and all that Jazz

The headliner for the Bentley stand at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show has neither name nor technical specifications available yet, though the automaker has released two pertinent facts. The car known simply as the “Extreme Bentley” will run on biofuel, and will also be the marque’s fastest and most powerful car yet. According to the first information, the upcoming Bentley sportscar will be powered by a turbocharged 12 cylinder capable of running on biofuel and will combine extreme performances with low emissions.

This new model is very much the extreme Bentley, delivering the performance of a supercar. Importantly, it pioneers FlexFuel technology, running seamlessly on biofuel, gasoline or a mix of the two, thereby underpinning Bentley’s environmental commitment to the use of renewable and sustainable fuel in the future. Judging from the video above, the formidable mystery car is based off of the Continental GT Speed certainly looks the part with its blacked out grills and a considerable number of vents and intakes.

The current Continental GT Speed is the most powerful production Bentley today, with 600 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque, so we’re expecting the new ethanol-powered beast to boast rather impressive figures.

Though engine specifics aren’t yet confirmed, it’s likely that it will use the same W-12 twin-turbocharged engine that the rest of the Continental range utilizes only tweaked for bio-fuel, and a lot more kick.

It has been interesting to watch the continued rise of the time-honoured Bentley automotive brand and its immense desirability to the young and nouveau rich. The attractiveness levels are about to rise another magnitude with the imminent unveiling of the Extreme Bentley, the perfect badge of success for extreme athletes and other non-conventional financial achievers. Only a promotional film and single darkened image have been released so far, along with the news the vehicle will feature Bentley’s new flexfuel powertrain, announced at the NAIAS a week or two back.

Oh, and the news is – it will be the fastest, most powerful production car ever.

That means it will be faster than 202 mph and more powerful than 600 bhp—the figures for the current Bentley Continental GT Speed. The silhouette from the video and the single frontal image suggest it will be based on the Continental GT or Flying Spur models.

The new Bentley musclecar will have the wraps pulled off on March 3 at the 2009 International Geneva Motor Show, and will be capable of running on biofuel as part of Bentley’s three-part environmental strategy.


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