Audi TTS Roadster : Review

Top up, or top down, Audi TTS Roadster is a cozy and comfortable place to be. I was rather impressed with how spacious and coupe-like the Roadster’s cabin feels with the top up, save the obvious added wind noise and complete lack of rear seating and storage. The TTS’ interior would be the first thing that impresses you, and the noise it makes when you fire up the turbocharged 2.0l engine will be the second. Audi has modified the overall exhaust, fitting a quad-pipe arrangement at the rear, and the sound is really intoxicating.

There’s a low, menacing grumble present at all times. There was a brief lack of power at initial throttle tip-in, but once revs reach the 2200 sweet spot, the Audi’s turbocharger kicks in with a faint whine and the speedometer needle starts to climb faster than expected. It’s not the kind of acceleration that knocks you back in your seat, but it really makes the standard TT’s 3.2l V6 seem obsolete. What’s more, there was a complaint about the 6-cylinder TT feeling a bit nose-heavy. Audi’s stunning 2.0l engine seems to be a perfect fit within the TT and TTS, allowing for better weight distribution and a much more enthusiastic power delivery.

No matter what the weather, the TTS handles like a dream. Quattro all wheel drive means that you can hug corners relatively quickly, though I wish that the steering feel was a bit more engaging. Audi seems to target the Porsche Boxster with this car, bit the Porsche’s mid-engine layout and better steering feel will allow for a more rewarding driving experience overall. Still, the TTS can definitely hold its own when the roads start to get twisty, and the Audi’s turbo-four setup provides slightly more punch than the Boxster’s normally aspirated flat-six. Pricing for the TTS Roadster starts at $47,500 – just over $2000 more than a base 3.2l TT Roadster.

The extra cost will net you a more aggressive powertrain, a meaner exterior appearance (complete with LED running lamps), better suspension geometry, and an exhaust note that will make you smile every time you hit the throttle. Three cheers for four-season-friendly sports cars, especially those which like to take their top off.



Turbocharged inline-4, 2.0l, 16v


265hp / 258lb-ft

Top Speed

155mph (Electronically limited)

0-60 mph

5.1 sec



Base Price


Ex-showroom price



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5 Responses to Audi TTS Roadster : Review

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  2. Glen Allan says:

    I really like every aspect of the design of this car. I have been considering a BMW but have been having serious thoughts of changing my choice. A great looking vehicle.

  3. This helped my to choose the right car.

  4. Steve TTS says:

    This is a model car for those whoa re looking for the some extra features like shock absorber technology, high performance braking system and much more. And also one of the advantage is it gives a acceptable mileage of 21 mpg in city limits and 27 mpg on superhighways where no other car gives this number with turbocharged engine.

  5. Audipage says:

    The TTS is preferred over the TT version of Roadster as by spending just a few bucks one gets enormous power. I hope I am right!!

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