My Heart burst into flames…!

Hi Guys, Sorry for not writing for this long. Was going through a crisis. But here I am, back with a bang! And this time, there will be no looking back! Thanks for being there with me…

My sad soul goes without any Praise
Nothing this One-sided Feeling Pays
My body is all Being ashes Through
I know it means Nothing to you
Just Crushing My Eagerly Aims
My heart burst into flames…!

The thing that never occurred I remember it all
The Dreams Were Not Fulfilled, Daily I Recall
I am hurt already, more miseries u add
Now I Know Why do people often get sad ?
People lading me forever blame
My heart burst into flames…..!

The love remains always One-sided
Relations Continuing to be Un-decided
The Hopeless I got, the worthless they treat
Lonely I Feel, They Unloved, Un-sweet
Irreparable Loss Hunts Again
My heart burst Into flames…..!

Trying Not to Adore, Not To Loathe
But I End Up Feeling Like Both
Loveliness I Seek, Loneliness I Reach
Now Darkness, Never Inflict Any Tease
Swallowing the unbearable pain
My heart burst into flames……!


About theultimaterenaissance

I am an Engineer and a Management Graduate. I love writing poetry and research reports on cars. Surfing, listening to music, and Reading and writing Technical & Research papers are among my most savored hobbies.
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One Response to My Heart burst into flames…!

  1. karen says:

    You already know what I think of this..but I will tell you again…it is amazing!!! You are very talented…and I can’t wait to read more from you…

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