Chinese cars advertisements

As well as being rich repositories of unintentional humor, bad translation, and bizarre imagery, sometimes the websites maintained by Chinese automakers offer a freshness of perspective that just can’t be duplicated by any domestic companies. Perhaps because they’re not jaded by decades of intense exposure to expensive advertisements and slick marketing campaigns, the Chinese companies seem freer to explore and experiment. These are the Top 7 examples of how creepy, innovative and amazing ways the Chinese car companies advertise their product:

GWM’s Hover

Downloadable “wallpapers” from any automaker can be a bit on the strange side, but GWM really has a couple of special examples. We don’t know what the Hover model is per se, but we do get the impression that it isn’t scared of bats.

Another interesting, though less visually funny note about GWM, is the pop-up “Declaration” it has attached to the main page of its site.

BYD’s F0

Soldiers, dead and naked angels, a sappy love song called (we’re guessing), “Love Has It All,” BYD’s minisite for it’s F0 city car is truly a wonder for the digital age. We have no idea what’s going on here, we’ll confess, but the F0 site allows for users to select between any number Dali-esque sub menus featuring the car. The imagery is as rich as it is impenetrable, and a nearly limitless selection of tiny pop-up menus can keep a bored office worker entertained for hours. The F0 certainly is, “Just Cool.” Try to find each of these items on our F0 impromptu scavenger hunt:  A Beatles song, a bunch of tulips, a comic book car crash, and a six-pack of giant bullets. Good luck.

Brilliance’ s BC3

As a whole, Brilliance has one of the more sober, straightforward, and useful consumer sites of the Chinese automakers we’ve seen—but it can’t get away without a little fun. This commercial for the BC3 runs on an infinite loop at the top of that car’s info page, showing a flowing dance between automobile, and driver, and ocean. That’s usually a combination we seek to avoid.

Chery MPV

A Flash-based game that will confuse and entertain for at least 90 seconds, Chery’s “Can Not Dull” asked you to pilot a random selection of objects (football helmet, orange half, top hat, etc) out of the path of a murderous, and rather quick Chery MPV of some sort. High scores for originality and wonkiness of title (what the hell does Can Not Dull mean?), low scores for actual gameplay.

JAC Trucks

Inspiring, seriously scored, badly translated videos about light and medium duty trucks driving through ridiculous conditions of all types. A love of trucks clearly connects Chinese and American culture.

LIFAN’s culture statement

Some highlights from Lifan’s extended statement of company culture, pure gold:

  • Pure gold fears no fire.
  • It is careful to be of high quality,it is half-hearted that quality is poor.
  • If one does not work hard,he is not Lifan people; If unhappy and well rewarded, who wants to be Lifan people?
  • Lifan’s deadly enemy is itself if Lifan disappoints itself.
  • No Famous Brand,our motorcycles are just like a pile of scrap iron.
  • HONDA and YAMAHA run around,what should LIFAN people do?
  • There are 3 ways to gain profits; to monopolize we have no seat; to speculate is out of beat; to stick on R&D, we shall have our meat.
  • Career in lifan, Insurance for one.

SouEast Montage Delica

This one’s got a little bit for everyone. A Pac-Man rip-off with awesome sound effects. A sweet collection of video’s, including this one of the world’s single most badass off-roading minivan the Delica. And, well, more pictures of that awesome Delica. Enter with the risk of never leaving again.


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I am an Engineer and a Management Graduate. I love writing poetry and research reports on cars. Surfing, listening to music, and Reading and writing Technical & Research papers are among my most savored hobbies.
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