Best LCD TV in India

It’s been a long time since we have moved from the traditional CRT monitors for televisions to the Plasma, LCD, and the most advanced LEDs. This post is to compare the various LCD and LED TVs, affordable in the Indian market, considering that the viewing distance is not more than 8-10 feet, and the viewing angle is not more than 20-36 degrees.

Most households in India do not have such large rooms to accommodate a television more than 32 inches of screen size, and the viewing parameters as mentioned above. I have taken into account all the TVs available (about 45 models), with screen size 26 inches to 32 inches, including brands like Onida, Videocon, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Samsung, and Micromax. So, let’s get started on the specs.

1. Screen Size

As mentioned above, the screen size that I have considered for this comparison ranges from 26 inches to 32 inches

2. Price

The comparison has been held with 32-inch LCD and LED TVs with prices ranging from 82353 INR (LG 32LM6410), to 45k INR (Sony Bravia range), to 18k INR (Panasonic TH-L24X5D, LG 26CS410)

3. Weight

The weight that has been considered is the weight of the TV along with the stand, considering that the TV will NOT be wall-mounted. Here, we have weights as high as 17.5 kgs (Onida LCO32XMSHNST) to as low as 4 kgs (Videocon VAA range)

4. HDMI inputs

Most of the TVs that have been considered have 3 HDMI inputs. Those in the Onida range have 2 HDMI inputs, while some in Videocon, LG, and Samsung have 1 HDMI input each

5. USB inputs

The Onida range does not let you down even here, as all of their models in the 32-inch section have 2 USB inputs, while Videocon, Sony, Samsung, Micromax and Panasonic have 1 each

6. Resolution

Here comes the bouncer. We generally do not consider Onida (LCO32FDG) and Videocon to be a competitor in the LCD TV market, but it seems that they offer the best resolution of 1920X1080. While Micromax LED, Samsung, Panasonic, LG, and the low-cost models of Onida have done their bit to keep up to the race with a resolution of 1366X768, the Sony KLV-32CX350 loses out with a resolution of 1280X768. I mean, come on, that’s the resolution we can easily get in a laptop computer with 15-inch screen.

7. Power Consumption

As we all know that LED TVs consume much lesser power, when compared to an LCD, the Micromax LED32K316 scores heavily here, with an operating power of 50W. Not far behind are the Videocon models VAD32FH-BM and VAD32FH-BX with a consumption of 67W. The Sony has somehow lived up to its name with a power consumption of 73W. While the Samsung and the LG models consume about 100W each. But the Onida models lose out poorly here with max power consumption of 105W

8. Picture Modes

Again, the Sony KLV-32CX350 lives up to its brand with 8 picture modes in its box. The Onida, Videocon and Samsung models lose out with 5 modes each. The LG 26CS410, Samsung LA32D403E2, and the Micromax LED happen to be the sore losers in this attribute

9. Audio Modes

The Micromax LED scores heavily here with 5 audio modes. The Videocon VAD32FH models, along with LG 32CS470, and all the Onida models ahve 4 modes each. Sony and LG somehow survive with 3 modes each. Samsung and Panasonic lose out again

10. Contrast Ratio

Now, this is a matter of real concern. And, you would almost never know how the Contrast Ratio in your TV matters. The Contrast ratio is actually the difference between the most black and the most white. For a layman, it would be easy to understand that the more this ratio is, the more pleasurable will be your viewing experience. Although, for LCD TVs it does not matter much, but it does more for an LED TV. And this is where the Micromax scores heavily again, with an earth-shattering Contrast Ratio of 3000000:1. But again, the Contrast Ratio gives you a better experience only when the contrast set by your manufacturer is the ideal one, not a dynamic one. Hence, the Sony (with a dynamic contrast), the LG 26CS, and the Samsung LA32D403E2 (with Mega Dynamic contrast), lose out cheaply here. The Videocon VAD32FH models and the Samsung LA32E420E2R work well with Contrast ratio of 200000:1, and 100000:1 respectively. Others that keep up with the race are the Onida LCO32 models with contrast ratio of 70000:1

11. Energy Meter

You wouldn’t really mind about an energy meter in your TV. But, mind you, it does help a lot if you are over-conscious of the energy it is driving in. The Micromax, Sony, and Panasonic lose out cheaply here with no energy meter at all. The Onida models again score high. Its model LCO32FDG has been rated a 5star device. And the LCO32DB has an Energy Saver Mode which would help you to control your electricity bills. The Videocon VAD32FH-BM does have Family Eco Logic technology to manage your energy utilization, but practical experience tells me that it is no way better than the Smart Energy Saving Plus technology in LG 32CS470 or, those in the pre-mentioned Onida models

12. Noise Reduction

How much would you love to see the picture on your screen free from noise? We would, albeit. Here is where, the Samsung LA32E420E2R (as was previously believed that Samsung and LG provide the best picture quality), scores well with MPEG + Digital Noise Reduction. And, so do LG 32CS470, Micromax LED32K316, and Sony KLV-32CX350. The Onida LCO32HDG and Videocon VAD32HG-QM somehow keep up with Digital Noise Reduction Technology. However, the Noise Reduction technology in Videocon VAD32FH-BX is limited to the 3D mode only

13. Bass Booster

Any guesses? You are right. The only brand which gives a bass boost experience in a 32-inch box is the Sony KLV-32CX350. While, the Samsung models try to hand you a quantum of solace with their premium SRS sound with Dolby Digital.


Considering all the above mentioned parameters, here are the value-for-money ratings for all the LCD and LED TVs which make you happy with the fact that you have got more than what you paid for:

Brand Price Key Feature 1 Key Feature 2 Key Feature 3 Rating
Onida LCO32FDG 25,490 1920X1080 5 star energy rating 4 audio modes 5 star
Onida LCO32HDG 23,990 4 audio modes 2 HDMI, 2 USB Digital Noise Reduction 4.75 star
Onida LCO32DB 25,990 4 audio modes 2 HDMI, 2 USB Energy Saver Mode 4.5 star
Videocon VAD32HG-QM 26,030 4 audio modes 93W power cons Digital Noise Reduction 4.5 star
Videocon VAD32FH-BM 30,850 1920X1080 200000:1 67W power cons 4.25 star
Videocon VAD32FH-BX 30,855 1920X1080 200000:1 3 HDMI 4.25 star
Micromax LED32K316 35,606 3000000:1 50W power cons MPEG+Digital Noise Re. 4 star
Sony KLV-32CX350 31,900 8 picture modes Bass booster MPEG+Digital Noise Re. 3.75 star
LG 32CS470 27,000 1366X768 4 audio modes MPEG+Digital Noise Re. 3.5 star
Samsung LA32E420E2R 28,000 2 HDMI 100000:1 MPEG+Digital Noise Re. 3.25 star
Panasonic TH-L32C5D 24,849 97W power cons 3.25 star


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  1. vivek singh says:

    Great comparison among different types of television. This will helps user in finding the best LCD TV in India. And on the basic of above specified table user can easily do the analysis

  2. sahill says:

    Thanks for sharing this post.this is a nice best lcd tv in india having good image quality and you can enjoy the theater feel at you home by using this tv.

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