Best Sedan for 2012 – Comparisons

Continuing from my previous post, here is a deep-dive into some specifications of the chosen cars:

1. Front Headroom

The Renault Fluence Advantage Edition tops this list with 1400mm, Hyundai Neo Fluidic and Hyundai Fluidic Verna are tied at 1280mm, while the upcoming Honda Accord Diesel will have a front headroom of 1052mm. The others which have a commendable front headroom are: Maruti Swift DZire Tour and Maruti Swift DZire, tied at 1000mm

2. Front Legroom

The Renault Fluence Advantage Edition again tops the list with 1625mm, Skoda Laura Elegance comes in at No. 2 with 1220mm, while Skoda Rapid Active and Vokswagen Vento Petrol are tied at No. 3 with 1180mm. The only other car having a healthy amount of Front Legroom is Tata Indigo eCS LS with 1155mm of Front Legroom

3. Rear Legroom

Renault Fluence Advantage again top scores here with 1600mm, Neo Fluidic Elantra has 1040mm, and Honda Accord Diesel has 1003mm. The others having a somewhat commendable rear legroom are: Maruti Swift DZire LXi (970mm), Swift DZire Tour (960mm), and Volkswagen Jetta (900mm)

4. Ground Clearance

Neo Fluidic Elantra tops the list with 185mm of ground clearance, ideal for Indian conditions. Hyundai Accent Executive and Mahindra Verito come in at No. 2 with 172mm

5. Max Speed

Want to drive on a highway with least traffic? Take up the Skoda New Laura Elegance, which boasts of a top speed of 225kmph. Honda is not too close behind with 212kmph with Accord Diesel. Neo Fluidic Elantra is also a competitor here with a top speed of 195kmph. Not too far away are Volkswagen Jetta Trendline and Chevrolet Optra Magnum, with a top speed of 189kmph. The Skoda Rapid does save its face to an extent with a top speed of 188kmph 😉

6. Displacement

It is said that the higher the displacement, the more is the fuel consumed by the engine. So, I am taking into consideration that the cars with lower displacements would score higher in the list. Having said that, the Maruti Swift DZire, Swift DZire Tour, and the Tata Manza CS tops this list with 1248cc, while the Toyota Etios GD Safety comes in a close second, with 1364cc. Mahindra Verito has 1390cc, and Tata Indigo eCS LS has 1405cc engine displacement.

7. Torque

Honda Accord tops this list with 347Nm, Skoda Laura Elegance and Volkswagen Jetta Trendline come in at No. 2 with 320Nm, Chevrolet Optra Magnum comes in at No. 3 with 305Nm. Volkswagen Vento has 250Nm, while Renault Fluence Advantage Edition could only boast of a Torque of 240Nm

With the above comparison of specifications, the cars that make it to the next round of comparisons, along with their pros and cons, are as follows:

1. Renault Fluence Advantage Edition:

Pros: Front Headroom – 1400mm, Front Legroom – 1625mm, Rear Legroom – 1600mm, Torque – 240Nm

Cons: Max Speed – 158kmph

2. Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra CRDi SX AT:

Pros: Front Headroom – 1280mm, Rear Legroom – 1040mm, Ground Clearance – 185mm, Max Speed – 195kmph

Cons: Almost None

3. Honda Accord Diesel:

Pros: Front Headroom – 1052mm, Rear Legroom – 1003mm, Max Speed – 212kmph, Torque – 347Nm

Cons: Front Legroom – 1080mm, Ground Clearance – 150mm, Displacement – 2200cc

4. Maruti Swift DZire Tour VDi:

Pros: Front Headroom – 1000mm, Rear Legroom – 960mm, Displacement – 1248cc

Cons: Max Speed – 169kmph

5. Maruti Swift DZire Lxi:

Pros: Front Headroom – 1000mm, Rear Legroom – 970mm, Displacement – 1248cc

Cons: Max Speed – 162kmph, Torque – 114Nm

6. Toyota Etios GD Safety:

Pros: Displacement – 1364cc

Cons: None

7. Skoda New Laura Elegance 2.0 TDI CR AT:

Pros: Front Legroom – 1220mm, Max Speed – 225kmph, Torque – 320Nm

Cons: Front Headroom – 960mm, Rear Legroom – 730mm, Ground Clearance – 164mm, Displacement – 1798cc

8. Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L TDI Trendline:

Pros: Rear Legroom – 900mm, Max Speed – 189kmph, Torque – 320Nm

Cons: Front Legroom – 1046mm, Ground Clearance – 152mm, Displacement – 1595cc

9. Hyundai Accent Executive:

Pros: Ground Clearance – 172mm

Cons: Front Legroom – 803mm, Torque – 124Nm

10. Skoda Rapid MPI Active:

Pros: Front Legroom – 1180mm, Max Speed – 188kmph

Cons: Front Headroom – 945mm, Rear Legroom – 730mm, Displacement – 1598cc, Torque – 153Nm

11. Tata Manza CS:

Pros: Displacement – 1248cc

Cons: Front Legroom – 590mm, Ground Clearance – 165mm, Max Speed – 160kmph, Torque – 116Nm

Stay tuned for the final comparisons and the verdict to get the best sedan in the Indian Auto Industry


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