Expiry Dates

Expiry dates of some common household items… A comprehensive research

The Ultimate Renaissance

We use a lot of items daily for our livelihood, without caring how old they are. Are they fit to take in? Just because your friend/relative has given you an item, you use it for friendship’s sake. Now onwards, before you do any such thing, just take notice of how old they are, and, are they fit to use? Here is a list of items we use regularly in our livelihood, and their corresponding Expiry Dates.

Item Expiry Date
Beer 4 months (unopened)
Brown Sugar Infinity
Chocolate 1 year
Coffee 2 years (unopened)
Soft Drinks (in plastic bottles) 3 months
Frozen Dinners 12-18 months (unopened)
Frozen Vegetables 18-24 months
Honey Infinity
Bottled Fruit Juice 8 months(unopened)
7 days (opened)
Ketchup 1 year (unopened)
Pickles 18 months (unopened)
White Rice 2 years
Soya Sauce 2 years (unopened)
Vinegar 42 months
Red/White Wine 3 years from Vintage Date (unopened)
Fine Wines 20-100…

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