India: Unity or Diversity?

Are you a North Indian or a South Indian? Read On…

The Ultimate Renaissance

Are you a North Indian or a South Indian? This is the very first question that is going to make rounds in your head once you get out of your state. At the first juncture, you would think, “What the hell of a difference does it make? I am an Indian, and that’s it! Whether I am from Kerala or Kashmir, how does it matter?”

Well, at this point of time, this may not be your favorite topic to discuss. Also, at any point of time, given a choice, you would avert this topic to your last breath. But, believe me! I had gone through a tremulous time when I was first asked this question by a sweeper in my college hostel. That was about 8 years ago. But till now, people tend to stick to either being a North Indian or a South Indian. If you…

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About theultimaterenaissance

I am an Engineer and a Management Graduate. I love writing poetry and research reports on cars. Surfing, listening to music, and Reading and writing Technical & Research papers are among my most savored hobbies.
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