Best LED TV in India – 32-inch

In the ever-increasing popularity of LED TVs in India, how can you prefer one TV over another?

Here is a countdown of over 35 models of 32-inch LED TVs in India, which include: 4 models of LG, 6 models each of Onida, Samsung, and Videocon, 5 models each of Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba.

#37: Videocon V32580HZ. Price- Rs. 23000

#36: Samsung UA32EH4500R. Price- Rs. 38500

#35. Samsung UA32EH4800R. Price- Rs. 36500

#34. Onida LEO32AFIN3D. Price- Rs. 55,990

#33. Panasonic TH-L32XM5D. Price- 34,000

#32. Videocon VJA32HH-B0. Price- Rs. 32,999

Videocon VJA32HH-B0

#31. Samsung UA32EH5330R. Price- Rs. 38,000

#30. Onida LEO32AFWIN. Price- Rs. 50,490. Direct LED TV

#29. Samsung UA32EH4000. Price- Rs. 30,500. LED TV

#28. Samsung UA32EH4003R. Price- 29,500. LED TV.

#27. Onida LEO32HMSF504L. Price- Rs. 36,990. LED TV.

#26. Videocon VJA32FH-B0. Price- Rs. 36,490. LED TV.

#25. Toshiba 32PX200. Price- Rs. 28,990. LED TV.

#24. Onida LEO32MH. Price- Rs. 32,990. Direct LED TV.

#23. Sony KDL-32NX650. Price- Rs. 51,900. EDGE LED TV.

#22. Sony KDL-32HX750. Price- Rs. 51,999. Dynamic EDGE LED. Resolution- 1920X1080

#21. Samsung UA32EH5000R. Price- Rs. 35,000. LED TV. Resolution- 1920X1080

#20. LG 32LM6200. Price- Rs. 51,000. EDGE LED TV. Resolution- 1920X1080

#19. Onida LEO32NMSF100L. Price- Rs. 34,990. LED TV. Resolution- 1920X1080

Onida LEO32NMSF100L

#18. LG 32LS3000. Price- Rs. 26,500. LED TV. Resolution- 1366X768

#17. LG 32LS3300. Price- Rs. 33,000. EDGE LED TV. Resolution- 1366X768

#16. Panasonic TH-L32EM5D. Price- Rs. 30,899. LED. Res- 1920X1080. Ref rate- 50Hz

#15. Onida LEO32HMS. Price- Rs. 37,990. EDGE LED. Res- 1920X1080. Ref rate- 60Hz

#14. LG 32LS4600. Price- Rs. 37,500. EDGE LED. Res- 1920X1080. Refresh Rate- 100Hz

#13. Toshiba 32PU200. Price- Rs. 24,999. LED. Res- 1366X768. Refresh Rate- 100Hz

#12. Videocon VJB32HG-B0. Rs. 27,854. Direct LED. 1366X768. 60Hz. Power Consumption (Operational)- 100W

#11. Toshiba 32PT200. Rs. 34,900. LED. 1920X1080. 120Hz. Power Cons (Op)- 125W

Toshiba 32PT200. Photo Courtesy- PriceIndia

#10. Sony KLV-32EX330. Rs. 28,400. Direct LED. 1920X1080. 55W. Weight (with stand)- 4.7 kgs

#9. Panasonic TH-L32X50D. Rs. 36,090. IPS LED. 1366X768. 50Hz. 60W. Weight (with stand)- 10.0 kgs

#8. Videocon VJB32FG-B1. Rs. 35,990. Direct LED. 1920X1080. 120Hz. 110W. Weight (with stand)- 10.3 kgs

#7. Sony KDL-32EX650. Rs. 41,899. EDGE LED. 1920X1080. 100Hz. 70W. Weight (with stand)- 10.2 kgs

#6. Videocon VJB32FG-B0. Rs. 29,495. Direct LED. 1920X1080. 50Hz. 110W. 10.3 kgs. HDMI– 3 Rear

#5. Sony KDL-32EX550. Rs. 37,899. EDGE LED. 1920X1080. 100Hz. 72W. 10.2 kgs. HDMI- 2 Side, 2 Bottom

#4. Toshiba 32PS20. Rs. 27,950. EDGE LED. 1366X768. 240Hz. 55W. 9.5 kgs. HDMI- 2 Side

#3. Toshiba 32PB200. Rs. 22,499. IPS LED. 1366X768. 480Hz. 56W. 5.0 kgs. HDMI- 2 Side. USB- 1

Toshiba 32PB200

#2. Panasonic TH-L32E5DW. Rs. 47,900. IPS LED. 1920X1080. 50Hz. 68W. 11.0 kgs. HDMI- 4 Side. USB-2

#1. Panasonic TH-L32E5D. Rs. 34,899. IPS LED. 1920X1080. 50Hz. 68W. 11.0 kgs. HDMI- 4 Side. USB- 2. SD Card Reader. 5 Picture Modes. 3 Sound Modes. Contrast Ratio- 300000:1


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3 Responses to Best LED TV in India – 32-inch

  1. Hi There Theultimaterenaissance,
    Thanks you for your post, Plz give its price for india?
    can i play games like crysis ,gta 4 with this graphic card smoothly with full resolution?
    i have amd athlon 2 quard core 640 processor,asus ddr3 mother board,4 gb ram,20 inch led aoc moniter

  2. CopFrank says:

    Nice list, tnx for sharing this useful information about best 32 inch tv with us.

  3. Hi Suman,

    I recently interviewed Devita Saraf, CEO, Vu Technologies for the Real Reviews LED TV Buyers’ Guide. Do take a look and let me know what you think –

    Let me know what you think.

    Co-founder, Real Reviews

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