About Me

From a little town in a far land I came, to save my honor from the world of flame;
In a little town in a far land I sleep, and trust the pride I won, for you to keep.

I am Suman Das a.k.a HellBoy. I am an MBA Graduate from Army Institute of Management, Kolkata, India.

Presently I am serving in an Indian MNC.

My hobbies include Internet surfing, Painting, Poetry Writing, Technical & Research Paper writing.

After getting responses from most of my visitors, I have decided to convert this blog, predominantly, into a car blog.

‘Hope you do enjoy the reviews, and post your comments (both positive and negative views), for my posts or my page.

Thank You, God Bless!

– Suman Das

Here is a view of my visitors’ locations in the past one year:

Visitor Locations

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have been visiting my site during the past 5 years, and helped to make this site: Just… The Ultimate.


10 Responses to About Me

  1. sadiyaamyrealwork says:

    ….a heart of vision…
    and power of the soul…
    …a supermind, i came across…
    thats what is conspicuous from your words..’

    Suman….long way to go dear…


  2. parth says:

    awesome job…hats off to u

  3. azubayd says:

    I liked the way you described yourself. I am looking forward to reading your poems. Thank you for your comment.


  4. Would you consider a text link on your blog? TruckChamp.com is an online automotive aftermarket accessories store and we ship all over the US. We’re also rated A+ by the BBB. Please email me to discuss. Thanks!

    Summer 🙂

  5. Hayden Roy says:

    I am a Hayden Roy a professional blogger , I`d like to write an article for your website “theultimaterenaissance.com/” wondered if this was possible?

    I was thinking I could write you an article on “Best 5 Ferrari Models of all time ”
    Your Blog would work well with your readers Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

    If this is something you could allow me to do, may I as well add a single link to our site?
    Thanks 🙂

    Best Regards
    hayden roy

    • Hi Hayden,
      Sorry for the late reply. I was admitted with multiple diseases, and could not look at my weblog. You can go ahead and add a link. Also, please share your e-mail id with the next comment on here, just to confirm the same. Thanks.

  6. Hi Suman, I wish to get in touch with you regarding your post on indianmen.wordpress.com on Dec 25, 2012. plz let me know if we can connect. thanks

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