Best Sedan in India: 2013

Continuing from one of my previous posts, which talked about the Best Sedan in India for 2012, here is a detailed researched countdown, to view the best Sedan in India for 2013. The research is conducted with 37 different brands of Sedan available currently in India, the prices are ex-showroom prices in Delhi, and mileage considered is as specified by ARAI.
#37. Toyota Camry. Price- INR 24.27 lakhs
#36. Aston Martin Rapide. Price- INR 255 lakhs
#35. Hyundai Sonata 2.4L GDi 6-Speed AT. Price- INR 20.84 lakhs
#34. Audi A4 1.8 TFSI. Price- INR 31.02 lakhs
#33. Audi A8L 4.2 FSI Quattro. Price- INR 104.45 lakhs
#32. Audi A6 2.8 FSI. Price- INR 42.38 lakhs. Turning Radius– 5.9m
#31. BMW X6. Price- INR 78.9 lakhs. Turning Radius- 6.4m
#30. Renault Scala RxL Diesel. Price- INR 8.79 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.3m. Kerb Weight- 1080 kgs
#29. Maruti Kizashi. Price- INR 16.52 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.3m. Kerb Weight- 1080 kgs

Maruti Kizashi sedan

#28. Honda Civic 1.8 V AT. Price- INR 13.62 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.4m. Kerb Weight- 1240 kgs
#27. Honda Accord 2.4. Price- INR 20.29 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.6m. Kerb Weight- 1525 kgs
#26. Nissan Teana 250XL. Price- INR 21.64 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.4m. Kerb Weight- 1506 kgs
#25. Volkswagen Vento 1.6L Petrol. Price- INR 7.29 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.4m. Kerb Weight- 1120 kgs
#24. Fiat Linea Active 1.3L Multijet Diesel. Price- 8.45 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.4m, Kerb Weight- 1160 kgs
#23. Volkswagen Jetta 2.0L CR TDI. Price- 13.60 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.45m. Kerb Weight- 1445 kgs
#22. New Chevrolet Cruze LTZ. Price- 13.86 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.45m. Kerb Weight- 1520 kgs
#21. Honda City E. Price– 7.20 lakhs. Turning Radius- 5.3m. Kerb Weight- 1090 kgs
#20. Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8 JS. Price- 11.63 lakhs. Turning- 5.3m. Kerb Weight- 1180 kgs
#19. Hyundai Fluidic Verna 1.6L CRDi VGT Diesel AT. Price- 7.22 lakhs. Turning- 5.2m. Kerb Weight- 1030 kgs

Fluidic Verna

#18. Volkswagen Passat Trendline. Price- 22.23 lakhs. Turning- 5.35m. Kerb- 1555 kgs
#17. Skoda Superb. Price- 18.06 lakhs. Turning- 5.4m. Kerb- 1604 kgs
#16. HM Ambassador 1.8 LPG. Price- 5.63 lakhs. Turning- 5.4m. Kerb- 1140 kgs. Max Power- 65.01hp. Top Speed- 150kmph. Ground Clearance– 152mm
#15. Nissan Sunny XE. Price- 6.08 lakhs. Turning- 5.3m. Kerb- 1092 kgs. Max Power- 97.64hp. Top Speed- 150kmph. Ground Clearance- 165mm
#14. Chevrolet SAIL U-VA PS. Price- 4.99 lakhs. Turning- 5.15m. Kerb- 1124 kgs. Power- 76.93hp. Top Speed- 150kmph. Ground Clearance- 168mm. Fuel Capacity- 40 litres

Chevrolet SAIL. Photo Courtesy- Anything On Wheels

#13. Tata Indigo eCS LE TDI BS3. Price- 4.77 lakhs. Turning- 5m. Kerb- 1105 kgs. Power- 64.11hp. Top Speed- 150kmph. Ground Clearance- 170mm. Fuel Capacity- 42 litres
#12. Mahindra Verito 1.5 Diesel. Price- 5.26 lakhs. Turning- 5.25m. Kerb- 1080 kgs. Power- 65hp. Speed- 162kmph. Ground Clearance- 172mm. Fuel Capacity- 50 litres. Fuel Economy- 20.8 kmpl
#11. Toyota Etios Diesel JD. Price- 6.71 lakhs. Turning- 4.9m. Kerb- 995 kgs. Power- 67hp. Speed- 178kmph. Ground Clearance- 170mm. Fuel Capacity- 45 litres. Fuel Economy- 22.5 kmpl
#10. Ford Fiesta 1.5P Ambiente. Price- 7.43 lakhs. Turning- 5.2m. Kerb- 1095 kgs. Power- 107.5hp. Speed- 185 kmph. Ground Clearance- 156mm. Fuel Capacity- 43 litres. Fuel Economy- 17 kmpl
#9. Skoda Rapid 1.6 MPI. Price- 7.12 lakhs. Turning- 5.3m. Kerb- 1145 kgs. Power- 103.8hp. Speed- 170kmph. Ground Clearance- 168mm. Fuel Capacity- 55 litres. Fuel Economy- 15 kmpl
#8. Ford Classic 1.6 Duratec LXI. Price- 5.64 lakhs. Turning- 4.9m. Kerb- 1110 kgs. Power- 99.6hp. Speed- 170kmph. Clearance- 168mm. Fuel Capacity- 45 litres. Fuel Economy- 14.1 kmpl. ABS- N/A
#7. Tata Manza Quadrajet 90. Price- 6.00 lakhs. Turning- 5.1m. Kerb- 1210 kgs. Power- 88.8hp. Speed- 160kmph. Clearance- 165mm. Fuel Capacity- 44 litres. Fuel Economy- 18.8 kmpl. ABS- N/A

#6. Maruti SX4 Green. Price- 7.72 lakhs. Turning- 4.9m. Kerb- 1275 kgs. Power- 103.3hp. Speed- 154kmph. Clearance- 180mm. Fuel- 50 litres. Fuel Economy- 15 kmpl. ABS- N/A. Airbags- N/A

#5. Mitsubishi Cedia. Price- 8.24 lakhs. Turning- 4.9m. Kerb- 1225 kgs. Power- 115hp. Speed- 190kmph. Clearance- 175mm. Fuel- 50 litres. Fuel Economy- 14kmpl. ABS- EBD. Airbags- 2 front

#4. Maruti Swift DZire ZXI. Price- 6.64 lakhs. Turning- 4.8m. Kerb- 960 kgs. Power- 85.8 kgs. Speed- 180kmph. Clearance- 170mm. Fuel- 42 litres. Fuel Economy- 19.1 kmpl. ABS- EDC. Airbags- 2 front

#3. Skoda Laura.

Price- 14.55 lakhs.            Turning- 5.1m.   Kerb- 1330kgs.  Power- 160hp.  Speed- 230kmph.            Clearance- 164mm.                Fuel- 55 l.             Fuel Econ- 12kmpl.          ABS- EBD MBA. Airbags- 2 front.               Displacement- 1798cc

#2. Hyundai Fluidic Elantra 1.8L Dual VTVT 6-Speed Automatic.

Hyundai Neo Fluidic Elantra

Price- 11.62 lakhs. Turning- 5.3m.              Kerb- 1600 kgs. Power- 147.5hp.               Speed- 150kmph.            Clearance- 185mm.                Fuel- 56 l.             Fuel Econ- 16.3kmpl.      ABS– EBD.            Airbags- 2 front.               Displacement- 1797cc

#1. Renault Fluence Diesel E2.

Renault Fluence Diesel E2

Price- 13.6 lakhs.       Turning- 5.3m.   Kerb- 1445 kgs. Power- 135.1hp.               Speed- 180 kmph.   Clearance- 170mm.         Fuel- 60 l.             Fuel Econ- 13.4kmpl.      ABS- MBA.          Airbags- 2 front.                Displacement– 1461cc.   Wheel Size- 16”


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